The Importance of Regular Dental Cleanings

The Importance of Regular Dental Cleanings

It is important to brush your teeth at least twice a day, and floss every day.  However, even with a proper oral hygiene schedule, you need to come see us every six months for a professional cleaning.  Don’t fall into the belief that proper oral hygiene at home means you can skip a visit to your dental professional.  Of course, proper oral hygiene at home is crucial, but so too is making sure to visit our office twice a year to let us thoroughly clean and inspect your teeth, gums, and oral tissues.


Professional cleanings reach those spots that you can’t

Keep in mind that plaque, tartar, and bacteria accumulate in your mouth in places you can’t reach.  For example, beneath the gum line, you have small spaces where problems can develop if you don’t get regular cleanings by your dental professional.

When you come in, we clean your teeth, including polishing them to remove stains and adding a fluoride rinse to help keep them strong and healthy.  But we also go  below the gum with a procedure called planing and scaling.

When we engage in planing and scaling, we use a special implement to reach below the gum line and clean out any plaque or other buildup.  This reduces the amount of hidden bacteria that can contribute to gum and heart disease.  No matter how well you’re doing at home with a toothbrush and floss, you simply can’t get the level of clean that it takes to successfully fight off gum disease.


Professionals can spot trouble before it begins

When you come to us, we don’t just clean your teeth.  We look at them very closely to spot trouble before it can develop.

This can mean spotting the development of soft tissue things such as gum cancer.  Or it could mean noticing a specific wear pattern on your teeth that tells us you have temporomandibular joint disorder.  Or it may simply mean we can spot cavities as they begin to develop, and knock them out before they progress.

It's crucial to come in for a regular professional cleaning.  Pick up the phone and schedule your next visit today!