Do you have Bleeding Gums?

After flossing or brushing you may noticed some blood in the sink after you spit. Most people assume this is nothing, and actually have admitted they thought it was normal. On the contrary, this is definitely not normal and needs to be address immediately to help you to protect your oral health. What bleeding gums typically indicate are the early signs of gum disease. Having signs and symptoms present without receiving treatment or making some serious changes, only progresses to worse issues.

Below are a few causes –and solutions to your bleeding gum issues.

A popular reason for swollen, puffy, red or bleeding gums Is poor oral hygiene practices. If you aren’t flossing and brushing each day, two times per day you simply aren’t doing enough to maintain a healthy level of oral hygiene. Brushing and flossing any less will start causing symptoms at some point, usually sooner rather than later due to the rapid build-up of tartar and plaque. When tartar and plaque buildup along the gum line it causes irritation of the gums that cause the symptoms mentioned above.

The solution

To remedy poor oral hygiene, you’ll have to make some changes to your oral hygiene daily routine. Start brushing at least twice day Every day and floss every day as well. You could try using an electric toothbrush to make the process more appealing. Your oral health will improve just by switching to an electric tooth brush because the rotating head actually massages your gums, this increases blood flow which helps when fighting off infection.

Another necessity is to be sure you are goingfor regular professional cleanings. Visiting your dental professional for regular cleanings is needed even if your oral hygiene practices have been good. Cleaning will help to clear away plaque and tartar build-up. For a more in depth look at cleanings, check it out on our services page.